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Release Date
(Beta / Early Access):

Windows PC/PCVR – 21.04.2023





Meta Quest 2 Standalone – tba

iOS mobile – tba

Android mobile – tba





Regular Price:

9,99$ (Beta)

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VR TRIBES means competition: VR against PC. Show which system and which player is the better one! The VR player takes on the role of METEOR, who wants to conquer the islands of the local tribes with all possible forces! 

The PC players, on the other side, take on the different roles of the TRIBES. They challenge the VR player to an action-packed and strategic battle.

In the multiplayer online game, the player competes in virtual reality against up to three players in the classic third person perspective.


In early 2019, three 3d artists took a chance to jump into game development. From a small VR prototype concept to an online multiplayer game. At the end of 2019, the prototype was presented for the first time as a location-based entertainment installation and impressed the audience. Development was then expanded with the help of federal funding. The game will be released in early 2023.



  • asymmetric online multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • action-packed competition across two systems
  • 3 detailed and beautifully designed worlds
  • regular release of new worlds


  • experience the world as a superpowered character in a diorama
  • use the many interaction possibilities like shooting, grabbing, throwing
  • keep moving: dodge projectiles or send laser beams from your eyes
  • supported PCVR systems Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index and HTC Vive


  • communicate as a team to increase your chances of winning
  • use your extra abilities and build shields, hide or duplicate yourself
  • anticipate the movements of the VR player and keep moving to challenge METEOR even more


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About framelocker studio

Besides game development we also create 3d visualizations, 3d animations, virtual reality applications or augmented reality apps for industry and business. Good news: that doesn’t stop us from continuing to work on the 2.5d sidescroller pape’s unfolding (WT) planned for 2025.


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VR Tribes Credits

David Conde | Designer, Lead Artist



Florian Denning | Programmer



Waldemar Schmidt | Designer, Animator, Artist



Alexander Gamm,
Tobias Pinegger,
Vincent Beck | Concept Artist 



Cornelius Link, Mathias Greule | Sound



Salty Panda Studios | Programmer



Freiburg eSports e.V. | Tester



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